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Food Safety Donation of non-food materials to the victims of Gourcy Training of trainer on composting in Sissili and Nahouri province ©MARP Network

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  The MARP-Burkina Network strengthens the capacities of journalists and radio hosts on DRR and advocacy in the Soum
Thursday 27 June 2019

Attacks by grain-eating birds, floods, droughts and epizootics, these are IQ Option platform all recurring disaster risks encountered by the populations of Soum, in the Sahel region of Burkina Faso. And to better deal with the topic of natural disaster risks, training has been initiated for journalists and radio hosts in Soum province. This training also benefited agents from the technical services of (...)

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  Honorary distinction of the prize « TERRE POUR LA VIE/LAND FOR LIVE » to the President of the MARP-Burkina Network
Thursday 27 June 2019

After Yacouba Sawadogo, Burkina Faso is once again honored with an international grand prize awarded to Mathieu Ouedraogo, President of the MARP-Burkina Network. The award recognizes excellence and innovation in efforts to create a balance between the land and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular SDG 15.3 "life on earth"
It is on the occasion of the iq option 25th anniversary of the United Nations Framework Convention to Combat Desertification that this prize rewards (...)

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  Project socialization workshop « women and sustainable energies » in Djibo, Soum partners and beneficiaries learned about the project
Friday June 1, 2018

The actors of the implementation of the women and sustainable energy project, organized a socialization workshop for the benefit of the actors and beneficiaries of the project in the province of Soum, region of the Sahel. It was Thursday, May 24, 2018 in the meeting room of the town hall of Djibo. A workshop aimed at bringing the different stakeholders of the project to the same level of understanding before the start of activities. This workshop was chaired by the high commissioner of the province of Soum in (...)

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Friday June 1, 2018
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  Post Flood Food Security Support Project (PPASA)
Tuesday March 6, 2018

Post-Flood Food Security Support Program (PPASA): May 2008 / April 2010
The 2007-2008 agricultural season was characterized by heavy rains in the middle of the season (July-August 2007) causing severe flooding in 32 out of 45 provinces, spread over the 13 regions of the country. Official campaign http://dream-trading.co.za/ monitoring data at the national level show 14,222 affected households, or 111,356 people, including 60 deaths. The flooded sown areas of the thirteen regions (...)

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Building Disaster Resilience Community Project (BDRC)
6 March 2018, by Adama
Greening the Sahel Initiative Project
6 March 2018, by Adama
Natural Disaster Prevention, Preparation and Response Project in Soum and Tapoa (PPRC-ST)
6 March 2018, by Adama
Advocacy for Disaster Risk Reduction Project
6 March 2018, by Adama
Prevention, preparation and response to natural disasters in the Sahel The MARP Burkina Network and its partners in the footsteps of their actions.
5 March 2018, by Adama
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